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How many votive candles do you need to buy for your wedding?

My name is Janie Kegley Marcum and I am a Kentucky Wedding Planner! I am here to help you figure out just how many votive candles you need to purchase for your wedding so you don't run out or spend too much money.

What is a votive you ask?

It is a small candle about 2 to 3 inches tall that adds ambience to your table design! Even though they are small, these candles are a staple in the wedding industry. One that I believe will never be out of fashion! Votives are very romantic, affordable, complement any design, come in a variety of colors, and can add additional lighting to your guests table. See picture below for reference:

Photo Credit : Lauren Duffy

“How many votives should we get?”

I get this question from every wedding client I work with! The answer is always different as I base the need for votives on how many tables their floor diagram has and how large those tables are. Here is a chart that can help you figure out how many to buy:

Standard Wedding Table Sizes

Votives Needed

5ft Round Banquet Table

3 Votives at Minimum, 5 Votives at Maximum

6ft Round Banquet Table

5 Votives

6ft Banquet Table

5 Votives

8ft Banquet Table

5 Votives Minimum, 7 Votives Maximum

30" Bistro Cocktail Tables

3 Votives

Here is how you can apply the ratio in a hypothetical situation:

Table Size

Table Amount

Votive Amount


5ft Rounds


3 per table


6ft Banquet Tables


5 per table


30" Bistro Cocktail Tables


3 per table


Total Votives Needed

67 Votives

Additional Tips On Decorating with Votives:

  1. Make sure you account for hidden places like the bar, gift table, escort card table, mask table, etc. You don't want to leave them without some mood lighting!

  2. I recommend buying at least 10 or more than what the total comes out to when using the ratio. Sometimes votives arrive broken or damaged and you will want to account for that.

  3. It is nice to have a few extra votives on hand so that your florist or wedding planner can place them in an area that you might not have thought about!

  4. Display them in odd numbers as it is it is more visually interesting. This is my professional opinion, but if you like even numbers than you do you!

  5. You can always add more to a table if you wish, but be careful of over decorating!

  6. Don’t be afraid to create a table mockup at home or at a rental store if you are unsure.

  7. Votives typically fall under most venues approved candle list, but please double check your venues open flame policy on your contract before purchasing.

  8. You can buy battery powered votives if your venue does not allow open flames. Sometimes they even come with a remote, which wedding planners LOVE!

  9. Last & probably most important tip!!! Make sure you buy a wax insert for the votive that has at least a 5 hour burn time so that it lasts throughout your reception!

Where do you purchase or rent votive candles?

The places to aquire votive candles are endless, but here are some of my personal favorite options:


I think this is my absolute favorite because if you don't like them, you can usually send them back. They have such a vast collection and are typically the most affordable option.

Hobby Lobby/Michaels

Hobby Lobby or Michaels also has a great collection. These craft stores also sell the traditional white wax candle with a clear votive at a fairly good price. The only downsides is it is sometimes hard to find the large amount that you need in store.

From Your Florist

Don't want to deal with buying or transporting to the venue? Ask you florist! They typically have multiple colors and options and the added benefit is that you don't have to fool with them after the wedding.

Koyal Wholesale

Koyal Wholesale often hosts new and trendy items in the wedding industry.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is so underrated when it comes to second hand wedding decorations!!! I am all the time seeing people sell their votives and other decorations on there and you can't beat the price!

Want to see some pictures of candle options?

Here are some pictures you can click on to my personal favorite votive candles on the market right now:

Pink Textured Votives with Gold Rim

Hobnaul Multi Use Glass Votive Candles - Cool Mint Color (has multiple colors)

Marble & Gold Ceramic Votive Candles

Ribbed Glass Votive Candles - Multiple Colors Available

Richland Amber Chunky Honeycomb Glass Votive - Multiple Colors Available

Hope this helps in you in your candle shopping endeavours!

Happy Planning!

Janie Kegley Marcum

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